The Last Best Gig For Steve Kind

TONIGHT Saturday 2nd September
at The Wardrobe Leeds
Doors 730pm Bands 7.45pm DJ to midnight

In celebration of my almost wholly unexpected 70 years on Planet Earth and just a few of the amazing musicians I have worked with and who have become my very good friends.

All proceeds (over and above gig expenses) will go to 'Simon on the Streets', a West Yorkshire charity. Their team works across Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield providing front-line, street based emotional and practical support for those who need it. The people Simon on the Streets support are often those who are excluded from, or who refuse the intervention of other services. Find out more about their inspiring and essential work here.

I am funding 50% of the costs from my own resources – every penny donated once costs are met will go to the charity. Tickets are by donation and the minimum suggested donation is £10 per person.

The Bands (click for info)


Curtis Eller is a banjo player, songwriter and rock & roll singer. After beginning his show business career at the age of seven as a juggler and acrobat, the Detroit native turned to the banjo and lit out for New York City where he rose to obscurity as "New York's angriest yodelling banjo player". Siting Buster Keaton, Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley as his primary musical influences, Eller became a staple of the beer halls, burlesque houses and underground theatres of the eastern seaboard. Fame proved elusive.
Having spent years toiling in the musical sweatshops of the industrial north, Eller uprooted his family and resettled in some faded, tobacco town in the North Carolina Piedmont to begin the arduous task of assembling a new version of his band, The American Circus. The latest version of the ensemble is a brutish and inelegant rock & roll outfit specialising in banjo music for funerals, gospel tunes for atheists and novelty dance fads for amputees. A lavish, Hollywood, dance sequence unfolding on the floor of a Chicago meatpacking plant in 1894.
Eller's numerous compositions describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. Past recordings have seen a ghastly parade of historical luminaries, from Abraham Lincoln and Buster Keaton to Amelia Earhart and Joe Louis, sharing the spotlight with a host of Civil War generals and corrupt 19th century politicians.

Find out more here:

Watch "Battlefield Amputation"

+ : BRUISE (London) :

Working together for two decades Isobel and Jim Kimberley have released four critically acclaimed albums in the guise of BRUISE. They have toured the US and Europe with their searingly original take on Progressive Folk. Isobel is Hailed as one of Britain's great folk voices by R2, rated as an iconic guitarist by specialist guitar press. Jim is an internationally recognised session drummer and producer having worked with the likes of Mark Knopflar and Squeeze. This duo deliver charismatic performances and this is a rare and not to be missed opportunity to see their full electric set.

Find out more here: · Watch "Jennifer"

+ : THE CAPTAIN OF THE LOST WAVES (New Age Interstellar Traveller) :

If you have not heard of The Captain, that might just be the point! These are the lost stories and the hidden gems, much like The Captain himself! He revels in the underground, the magical unseen, the mystical otherworldly-ness of realms often overlooked and consigned to the shadows.
In doing so, he continues to retain a unique boutique connection to those who discover him. "Once a 'First Mate', always a 'First Mate'". If you enjoy a little 'Nu Vaudeville' and a 'Renaissance of the Bard' then please come forth; if you like to be actively involved in a show and not merely be another bystander, then please come forth; if you like something which is uniquely different every time and is joyously anarchic and highly unpredictable, then please come forth. If you like defying the norms of social convention and enjoy laughter and fun-fuelled rebellion and reflection in equal measure, then please do come forth. A Captain Of The Lost Waves show has been described as a 'Pixar - esque journey', keeping all suitably stimulated in a variety of medium & moods.
A timeless troubadour, creating a concoction of music & interactive, intuitive performance... No gig is ever the same.
Where sweet black cabaret meets a healthy dollop of vaudeville. Replete with an equal measure of joy, pathos and profundity it has to be seen to be believed.
The debut album "Hidden Gems - Chapter 1" on the BBC (Brigand Broadcasting Company ) which was released on March 8th 2017 is being accompanied by a series of performances in unusual, bespoke, intimate & engaged settings, in both solo and band guises (accordion and percussionist).
A 'cabin crew' of accordion & pitter patter percussion adding to the Captain's voices, accompanied by his Bouzouki/Ukulele, are the nucleus of the noise evident on the debut album.
Making the record on location, as only a travelling man could, the execution of a sonic, panoramic imagining, could only be achieved by recruiting musical brigands, those not constricted by any particular genre or style, yet graceful, fluid and free enough to embellish the spacious scope of a fragile ditty, yet equally at home pounding out a thunderous storytelling exercise put to music.

Find out more here: · Watch "Danger"


  1. Three incredible acts plus DJ and special guests.
  2. Tickets by donation, suggested price per ticket £10.
  3. After costs all profit donated to Simon on the Streets.





Make a night of it and order food at the venue or eat nearby:

Please note food is not allowed in the venue.


The venue is in the heart of Leeds:

  • Next to the West Yorkshire Playhouse and BBC studios
  • Across the road from the Bus & Coach station
  • Quarry Hill & NCP Leeds Markets car parks nearby
  • Rail station fifteen minutes walk away


Thank you for visiting my site, hope you can make the gig and looking forward to seeing you there.

Simon on the Streets

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Diamond Grading

Tickets Are Available
On The Door At
The Wardrobe:
Suggested Donation
£10 Per Ticket

At The Wardrobe

6 St. Peters Square, Quarry Hill,
Leeds LS9 8AH


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